Organic | The Guest Mix – Earl Grey

Heresy Artist and no doubt gutted Manchester City Fan has created a beautiful mix for Organic…Enjoy!



1. Earl Grey & Tantalum – Wood Rosins (Heresy)
2. Earl Grey – You Belong (Heresy)
3. Tantalum – Grass Radical Over Bright
4. Earl Grey – Moments of Clarity
5. Aroma Nice – Beddy Reminisce
6. Monologue – November Dub
7. Shifty – Sketched Perspective (Aroma Nice Remix)
8. Earl Grey – Thunderbolt Dub (Heresy)
9. Monologue – Dual Boot
10. Aroma Nice – Roundhill Nights (Roundhill Reprise)

Artist Spotlight: Earl Grey

Earl Grey DJ

Earl Grey is 24 year old Mancunian multi-instrumentalist Jim Ehlinger. Picking up his first guitar at school at the age of 13 (the same school incidentally attended by indie bands Egyptian Hip Hop and Dutch Uncles) Jim went on to play in various bands with modest local exposure, before discovering the joys of music software at the age of 17. Initially inspired by the likes of Aphex Twin, Squarepusher and Venetian snares, it wasn’t until a drumfunk-epiphany after hearing Equinox’s seminal Acid Rain EP on Planet Mu that he started producing and releasing Jungle.

Earl GlassesIn more recent years, Jim’s ear for fine-tuned low-ends and razor-sharp choppage has matured, experimenting with the 140bpm canvas to paint his meticulous sonic-landscapes. With his own Hyperchamber camp recently launching into the digital foray with his acclaimed ‘Moment of Clarity’ EP, exciting collaborations in the pipeline with like-minded producer Aroma-Nice and a recent mix for the legendary home of Manchester’s underground-electronic scene Eastern Bloc records under his belt, we are very pleased and excited to have him on-board.


HSY001 – Earl Grey – Thunderbolt Dub EP


Guy Andrews: Exclusive Heresy Mix

Delectable mix from the highly talented Guy Andrews


Sigha – Something In Between Us
Objekt – Cactus
Tessela – D Jane
Al Tourettes – Habit 7
Sascha Braemer – People
Peter Van Hoesen – Transitional State 2
Extrawelt – Neuland
Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Heiligendamm
Randomer – Scruff Box
Pinch & Shackleton – Rooms Within a Room